About The Band


The Time Travelers is a Lake County, California-based 5-piece band performing a variety of rock, blues, country and alternative music!  Comprised of veteran musicians, we’ve been rocking around Lake, Napa and Mendocino counties for over a decade! Contact us now for booking info!

Wally Gaffert

Vocals & Guitar

From the legendary rock n’ roll clubs of Hollywood to Nashville and more, Wally brings his energetic blues-infused blend of powerhouse vocals and fiery guitar-playing to the Time Travelers. Wally also writes, records and performs his own music, some of which you just might hear in our set!


Nick Crowe

Keyboard & Vocals

Tickling the ivory keys for more than 30 years, Nick is an encyclopedia of pop music history, influenced by greats such as The Beatles and Elton John. Besides providing piano, organ and more to our sonic palette, he also helps keep us organized by maintaining the set list!




Larry Cummins

Drums & Vocals

Growing up in a professional musical family, supporting some of the biggest acts of the century such as Marty Robbins, Larry shares his talent and musical legacy by holding down the rhythm section. Besides music, Larry has been a practitioner and instructor of Karate for more than 30 years.


Gary Weldon

Guitar & Vocals

Playing professionally since he was old enough to get into bars, Gary has played a variety of genres in several bands, playing casinos, resorts and other venues throughout the Western states and abroad. When not playing music, he likes to draw, collect horror memorabilia, code and hoard guitars.




Bo Bryant

Bass & Vocals

The founder of Time Travelers, Bo has been performing around the region for over X decades with several popular bands.  Besides holding down the low notes, Bo also plays guitar and harmonica. In his spare time when he’s not playing music, he likes to….play more music! Living rooms, backyards…he just loves to play!